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Interactive demonstrations

We’ve developed two demonstrations using our Page Builder tool. The first uses Bootstrap and a free theme, the second uses Zurb’s Foundation. We cut up their html themes into useable templates, demonstrating how easy it is for developers and clients to construct and edit content.

There’s also a demonstration you can play with, where you can edit a CSS Flexbox framework within rgeEditor.

And to top it off, a "quick n’ dirty" site demo loading entire pages from a selection of 3rd party websites into rgeEditor.

Bootstrap - Page Builder Demo

We’ve chopped up a free bootstrap theme and placed it in our template system, linking it to Bootstrap’s css. To demonstrate how easy our page builder feature works,  watch the video below where we construct an editable page layout in under a minute. 

Have a go yourself by clicking on the Launch rgeEditor button below.

Bootstrap logo

Foundation - Page Builder Demo

We’ve chopped up some of Foundation’s demonstration templates and placed them in our template system, linking them to Foundation’s css to demonstrate how easy our simple page builder feature works. 

Watch the video, then have a go yourself by clicking on the Launch rgeEditor button below.

Foundation logo

CSS flexbox - a demo by

rgeEditor is not beholden to any framework. As the CSS specification evolves, we will adapt rgeEditor to include these new features and methodologies. Have a play with this demo page and either use the authors own CSS classes to control the layout, or use the Flex option to amend the values using inline CSS styles.

Why not take it for a spin?

We’ve developed a ‘quick-n-dirty’ demo, so you can have a go editing
some popular websites built with a diverse range of styles and frameworks

Simply click on a logo below to initiate rgeEditor and have a play...

The demo system attempts to load and process the entire web page as a demonstration tool and is not representative of a standard installation.
Some functions are not available within the save disabled demo version including templates and file manager.